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Bridal Trends: 2019 Predictions

As a wedding planner for almost a decade, we've seen a lot of trends come and go in the wedding industry. From bridal gowns to wedding-day accessories, we love to see which trends capture the attention of brides from year to year. 

We're keeping tabs on upcoming wedding trends, and so far we love what we see for 2019! Take a look at our style predictions for the upcoming year:

  • Simple Silhouettes. Lace will always be a classic choice, but we think it will take a backseat next year as modern brides favor sleek, simple silhouettes. (Much like Kate Middleton's lace sleeves influenced bridal style over the past few years, we think Meghan Markle's chic simple silhouette will become the contemporary favorite!) 
  • Cathedral Veils. Our 2019 brides are pairing clean-lined gowns with a nod to classic style: traditional cathedral-length veils. We're so excited to see a revival of this elegant bridal accessory! It makes such a statement on the aisle, and in bridal portraits.
  • Unique Shoe Silhouettes. We love a gorgeous stiletto as much as the next girl, but 2019 is likely to hold a variety of unique shoe silhouettes... including everything from block heels to delicate bridal booties. This is a fun opportunity to add a dose of personality and style to your bridal look!
  • Signature Fragrances. Wedding-day perfume has been a popular trend for the past few years, but we have a feeling it's here to stay. Choose a fragrance that will always remind you of your wedding day... and be sure to let your photographer capture it in details photos!


Which of these trends speaks to you? We can't wait to see what you select for your own wedding day.

Our best advice? Stay true to your style. Choose a gown and bridal details that suit your own personal aesthetic - rather than a trend. Make style choices that complement your body type and reflect your personality. You'll never regret a bridal look that's tailored to your own sense of style!


Can we help you plan your own bridal look? We would love to help. Inquire below to learn more about our services. We can't wait to hear about your style and vision!

Seven Wedding-Day Details You Won't Want to Forget



The wedding day is a big day. As it should be! This is the day that you walk down the aisle and begin forever together. 

We know you've been dreaming of this special occasion, and you want every detail to be perfect! We couldn't agree more. After planning hundreds of events over the years, we've noticed the little things that brides often forget on the big day. Make sure to add these commonly forgotten items to your wedding-day checklist!

  • Guest Book Pens: have you printed a sweet photo album for your guests to sign? Or perhaps you've gotten creative: signing a wine bottle or a map of your travels. Either way, guests will need to autograph their names with something! Don't forget to purchase a few pens (Sharpie pen is best for album pages, and metallic Sharpies do the trick for most unconventional surfaces). 
  • Invitation Suite: set aside one invitation suite to bring on the wedding day. You'll definitely want to capture this detail in the wedding-day photos... but unfortunately, it's one of the most-forgotten items on the big day! Put a suite into a folder now, and set it aside with all your wedding-day accessories. 
  • Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes: did you receive a personalized or heirloom toasting flute set? Don't forget to pack this item for the wedding day! It will be a sweet personalized touch at your reception. 
  • Comfortable Shoes: are you planning to change into comfortable shoes for the reception? If you want to dance the night away in a comfortable pair, be sure to give them to your wedding planner before the wedding. We'll make sure you have them before hitting the dance floor!
  • Gratuities: if you would like to thank any of your vendors with gratuity, prepare checks in sealed envelopes with vendor names to be distributed at the end of the night. (The Father of the Bride often handles this task!)
  • Phone Chargers: don't forget to throw a charger in your overnight bag! You'll want a fully charged device as you head to the airport for your honeymoon travels. And, let's be honest: you'll totally want to check out all the photos friends are posting the next day.
  • House Keys / Car Keys: be sure to make arrangements for your keys! Whether you leave them with your parents, or assign them to a bridesmaid or house-sitter... keys are the last thing you want to be thinking about as you jet off on your honeymoon! 


We hope this list helps keep you on top of things as the wedding date gets closer. A wedding day has a lot of moving parts, and a lot of people all working together to make it happen. Don't let these little items go unnoticed! 

Do you love checklists like these? We do too! We give our clients access to our most comprehensive wedding-planning checklists... so you won't forget a thing. Inquire with us to learn more: we would love to treat you to a glass of champagne and get better acquainted!


Where to Find Wedding Shoes for the Modern Bride

Designer: Bella Belle | Photography: Morgan Franklin Creative | Design: RSVP Event Designs


Wedding Shoes for the Modern Bride

There's so much to love about putting together your bridal look... from the perfect dress and heirloom jewelry, to "something borrowed" and "something blue." But there's one wedding-day accessory that always catches our eye: the bridal shoe! 

From getting ready shots to styled flat-lays, wedding shoes are also likely to make an appearance in your wedding-day photos. So why not splurge on a picture-perfect pair?

There are plenty of places to purchase bridal shoes, but we've noticed a few brands that stand above the rest when it comes to gorgeous wedding-day footwear. These designers have crafted some of the most elegant bridal shoes we've ever seen—with just enough of a modern touch. 

So, before you start shoe shopping... do some browsing with our list below! Take a peek at our favorite wedding shoes for the modern bride:


  • Bella BelleBella Belle shoes are the most popular choice for the modern bride, and it's so easy to see why. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous! With stylish silhouettes and exquisite details, they make the most beautiful wedding-day accessory... and there are plenty of options to choose from (heels, flats, booties, sandals, and more). Just imagine how stunning these will be in your details photos!
  • BHLDN: This bridal boutique (a division of Anthropologie, so you know it's going to be beautiful!) is the perfect resource for gowns, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and accessories... and shoes! BHLDN always stocks the most delicate and stylish shoes, in a variety of styles: from classic lace heels to modern embroidered booties, they carry something for everyone.
  • Nordstrom Wedding Suite: We can just about always find something irresistible at Nordstrom! And the bridal shoe selection is no exception. Badgely Mischka is one of our favorite designers carried in the Nordstrom Suite, with a wide selection of styles and silhouettes. Or you can always splurge and go big with a pair of stunning Louboutins


Which shoes suit your personal style? We can't wait to see which ones you choose! And don't worry—we'll work with your photographer to ensure that all the pretty details are captured on camera. 

One more tip: don't forget to pack an extra pair of shoes if you'd prefer to wear something more comfortable on the dance floor. We're happy to hand them to you before you make your grand entrance at the reception! 


Can we assist you with any other bridal details? We'd love to hear from you! Drop a note in our inbox so we can say hello and put your date on our calendar.