Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?



Have you found yourself weighing the pros and cons of hiring a planner? We understand that it's a big investment! It's a question that's well-worth your consideration.

Maybe your parents have asked: "Do we really need a wedding planner?" Perhaps the venue has offered a coordinator service, or maybe your family members have offered to handle all the details. 

Here's the truth: no. You do not need a wedding planner to have a beautiful wedding day—and a beautiful start to your marriage!

But here's the other truth: You will absolutely want a wedding planner by your side! 

A wedding planner wears countless hats: event coordinator, vendor liaison, family therapist, clean-up crew, last-minute errand-runner, and drunk groomsman manager—just to name a few. 

If you don't hire a planner, other people will step in to fill those roles and help you out on the big day. But, unfortunately, it's usually the people you love most take on those tasks and handle any hiccups. Trust us: you don't want your mom or maid of honor to be fretting about any behind-the-scenes obstacles on the big day. They should be able to relax and savor every moment of this special milestone! 

Without a planner, your other vendors will also pitch in to help ensure everything runs smoothly. A venue coordinator could check in on the caterer; your photographer might fluff your gown; your DJ could run the timeline for the night. But, again... we simply don't think that's in the best interest of the bride and groom! You've hired these vendors for very specific skillsets. Any time taken away from their job to facilitate the event will only divide their attention and ultimately decrease the value of their work (which you've paid for!).

We are always so thankful for incredible vendor teams! But, to us, it's exactly that: a team. We are all here to support the bride and groom... but our team is at its finest when we each focus on what we do best. 


We pride ourselves on openness and honesty with our couples. We promise never to pressure you into booking a service that doesn't benefit you. But when it comes to wedding planning, we wholeheartedly believe a planner will make the process and the big day so much more enjoyable for you and your family. Even if we're not the best fit for your special day, we still absolutely encourage you to hire a planner—you won't regret a single penny.

Lastly... What if you absolutely love planning and enjoy bringing all the details to life? We love to hear that! But we have a feeling you'll still want someone who can answer your questions, offer guidance when needed, and take over on the wedding day so you can enjoy every moment as a beautiful bride. That's where we come in! We offer Wedding Day Management for exactly this purpose. We'll step in 60 days prior to your celebration to tie a bow on all the final details. 


What do you think? Are you ready to start planning? We'd be honored to help! Inquire with us to learn more about our offerings. Happy wedding planning!