Responsibilities of the Groom

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Wedding Responsibilities of the Groom

Have you ever wondered which planning responsibilities the groom should take on? We'll let you in on a little secret: it's all up to you!

Most of our couples share the planning experience and divide tasks according to whatever works best for them. The modern couple doesn't necessarily need to adhere to traditional planning roles! 

That being said... we've collected a few tasks traditionally assigned to the groom to help get you started! Take a peek at our list of these traditional groom responsibilities: 

  • Select Groomsmen and Best Man
  • Contribute to Guest List 
  • Act as Liaison to His Family
  • Coordinate Groomsmen Attire 
  • RSVPs: Follow Up with Guests as Needed
  • Book Band or DJ Entertainment
  • Book Wedding Night Hotel
  • Book Accommodations for Groomsmen 
  • Select Song for Bride/Groom First Dance
  • Select Song for Mother/Groom Dance 
  • Sign Up for Dance Lessons (if desired)
  • Arrange Wedding-Day Transportation
  • Select Wedding Bands and Pick Up Prior to Wedding
  • Obtain Marriage License 
  • Select Gifts for Groomsmen
  • Select a Wedding-Day Gift for the Bride
  • Write Vows (and rehearse them!)
  • Write a Rehearsal Dinner Toast (if desired)
  • Grooming: Haircut, Trim Beard, Trim Nails
  • Plan the Honeymoon
  • Arrange for a House-Sitter and/or Pet-Sitter During Honeymoon

It may look like a long list, but we have every confidence he's got it covered! And of course, most modern couples collaborate throughout the planning process. Feel free to share responsibilities equally together, or divide and conquer.

Better yet? Let us step in to help! We would love to help you both stay on track with reminders, checklists, and plenty of guidance. Inquire below to begin the planning process!