Seven Wedding-Day Details You Won't Want to Forget



The wedding day is a big day. As it should be! This is the day that you walk down the aisle and begin forever together. 

We know you've been dreaming of this special occasion, and you want every detail to be perfect! We couldn't agree more. After planning hundreds of events over the years, we've noticed the little things that brides often forget on the big day. Make sure to add these commonly forgotten items to your wedding-day checklist!

  • Guest Book Pens: have you printed a sweet photo album for your guests to sign? Or perhaps you've gotten creative: signing a wine bottle or a map of your travels. Either way, guests will need to autograph their names with something! Don't forget to purchase a few pens (Sharpie pen is best for album pages, and metallic Sharpies do the trick for most unconventional surfaces). 
  • Invitation Suite: set aside one invitation suite to bring on the wedding day. You'll definitely want to capture this detail in the wedding-day photos... but unfortunately, it's one of the most-forgotten items on the big day! Put a suite into a folder now, and set it aside with all your wedding-day accessories. 
  • Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes: did you receive a personalized or heirloom toasting flute set? Don't forget to pack this item for the wedding day! It will be a sweet personalized touch at your reception. 
  • Comfortable Shoes: are you planning to change into comfortable shoes for the reception? If you want to dance the night away in a comfortable pair, be sure to give them to your wedding planner before the wedding. We'll make sure you have them before hitting the dance floor!
  • Gratuities: if you would like to thank any of your vendors with gratuity, prepare checks in sealed envelopes with vendor names to be distributed at the end of the night. (The Father of the Bride often handles this task!)
  • Phone Chargers: don't forget to throw a charger in your overnight bag! You'll want a fully charged device as you head to the airport for your honeymoon travels. And, let's be honest: you'll totally want to check out all the photos friends are posting the next day.
  • House Keys / Car Keys: be sure to make arrangements for your keys! Whether you leave them with your parents, or assign them to a bridesmaid or house-sitter... keys are the last thing you want to be thinking about as you jet off on your honeymoon! 


We hope this list helps keep you on top of things as the wedding date gets closer. A wedding day has a lot of moving parts, and a lot of people all working together to make it happen. Don't let these little items go unnoticed! 

Do you love checklists like these? We do too! We give our clients access to our most comprehensive wedding-planning checklists... so you won't forget a thing. Inquire with us to learn more: we would love to treat you to a glass of champagne and get better acquainted!